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CARADOL ED56 -200 is a 2000 molecular weight polyoxypropyleneglycol designed as an intermediate for the production of
polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. It is manufactured to close specifications ensuring a high degree of
consistency. CARADOL ED56-200 is slightly hygroscopic and must be
stored under conditions so that contamination with water
and absorption of moisture are prevented. Contact with
copper, copper alloys or zinc must be avoided. CARADOL ED56-10 by Shell Chemicals is polyether polyol applicable in adhesives and sealants. It combines with isocyanates to form urethanes with light-weight, great durability and unique low temperature mechanical properties. It is suitable for glue for glass into car window frame, in rubber scrap into tiles, to dampen the sound and vibrations under rail tracks.

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