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Mokate Creamer kahve krema beyazlatici

Mokate Creamer Based on hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated vegetable fats Vegetable fat options: coconut, palm, palm kernel Variable vegetable fat content (14-35%) Mokate Creamer
Creamers for beverages are products based on vegetable fats, glucose syrup and milk proteins with non-dairy option available on the request.Mokate Creamer
Creamers MOKA CW/FI CW with various contents of fat and protein and various creaming properties Creamers MOKA CWS soluble in cold waterCreamers MOKA CW ND non-dairy solution - free from animalorigin components Creamers MOKA CW R based on non-hydrogenated vegetable fats of trans fatty acids content < 1% Mokate Creamer

Mokate Creamer kahve krema beyazlatici
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