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TRILON B EDTA Cas No 60- 00- 4

TRILON B Powder is the tetrasodium salt of
ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (Na4EDTA). This
economical form of EDTA is recommended for industrial
applications where small amounts of Na3NTA can be tolerated. TRILON B Applications:
Chemical Cleaning:
Removes calcium oxalate, calcium sulfate, calcium
carbonate, barium sulfate, and other type scales from process
equipment.TRILON B Used in radioactive decontamination processes.TRILON B
I & I Cleaners:
Dissolves scale, prevents scale formation, improves
detergency of surfactants. TRILON B Prevents turbidity in concentrated
liquid cleaners and shampoos.TRILON B Minimizes effects of
polyvalent metal ions on emulsions, lubricants and polishes.TRILON B
Metal Finishing:
Removal of oxide films from metal articles; alkaline derusting;
antistreak agents for pickling baths; alkaline degreasing.TRILON B
Controls metal ions in scouring, boil-off, bleaching, dyeing,
stripping, and finishing operations. Protects fluorescent
whitening agents from metal catalyzed oxidation and degradation. TRILON B Protects dyes from color change.
Improves efficiency of hydro bleach; reduces metal catalyzed
brightness reversion. Used in descaling process equipment.
Protects dyes from precipitation with metals.
Prevention of calcium and magnesium soap formation;
TRILON B improve detergency of soaps and detergents. Stabilizes
perborate and percarbonate bleaches.

TRILON B EDTA Cas No 60- 00- 4
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