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Saboderm AB C12-15 alkyl benzoate Cas No 68411-27-8

AB C12-15

Cas No 68411-27-8

Versatile emollient, a lower molecular weight ester suitable for use in skin care, sun care, deodorant
and color cosmetics. Saboderm AB provides a light conditioning and silky after touch to the skin.
It's a clear almost colourless, oil soluble ester that is stable in products with pH ranges of 2 to 12.

Saboderm AB is an emollient, skin feel modifier (makes other oils feel less greasy), an anti-tackiness
agent, lubricant, and binder and wetting agent for mineral make-up products. It also works as a solubilizer for sunscreen ingredients, making it easier to incorporate those ingredients into a dayuse moisturizer.

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